• SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of strategically getting your website to have the most visibility on search engines. These strategies help ensure it gets a higher position on these search engine lists. There is a ton of advice for self-SEO and advertisements for professional SEO assistance online. One of the most important strategies in the SEO world is known as a backlink. These are links on other websites that point back to your website. Most SEO experts today consider backlinks like these the most fundamental aspect of good SEO.

    Why Backlinks are So Incredibly Important for SEO

    One of the reasons backlinks are important for website SEO is because search engines typically assign more credit to a website the more backlinks it has. This is because the number of backlinks it has indicates how popular it is. However, the search engines will also consider the popularity and relevancy of the website on which this backlink is placed. One big reason search engines do this is because some webmasters have tried to manipulate the system by creating empty websites for the sole purpose of creating a bunch of backlinks to their main website.

    For obvious reasons, search engines frown so highly upon these so-called link farms, that if webmasters are caught using them, their sites will be banned completely. You may be a webmaster who is not trying to be underhanded. You still need to be very careful. If you have several websites and are putting backlinks on all of them, a search engine may become suspicious is some of these websites are not that popular. SEO experts say it is best not to risk it by not backlinking from too many other sites. Doing so is called backlink bombing.

    How Backlinks are Created and Maintained

    A backlink is created every time an external website puts a link to your website. As mentioned, quality is so important to search engines that your site will be banned if there are backlinks to it and the search engine finds that it is not a quality website. That is why if you have a website at all that you care about the site and don’t want it to be banned, you should regularly maintain it. But that is not the only reason to regularly maintain it and keep it up to par. With a really well-maintained website, just one backlink may be enough for you.

    Maintaining it well will mean regularly fixing and upgrading technical issues, Every so often a search engine will randomly go through your sites with backlinks to determine its overall relevancy and quality. The online mechanisms that do this are known as search engine crawlers. Of these two things, quality is the more important aspect. Search engines regularly give preference to websites with more quality backlinks. The top quality backlink transaction will be between to websites that have similar base subjects.

    It is probably better not to create any backlinks at all than a bunch of worthless backlinks between sites of very different subjects are with a site that does not have much of anything at all.

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